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Thread: It can't just be me.. Can it?

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    Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish air forces have to deal with russian fighters and bombers every's back to cold war status up here. Lots of allied troops, including Brittish training in Norway now, and we are glad to have them :-)
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    And they're just the sorties we hear about. There will be many they want to keep underwraps to downplay the situation.
    A lot in the papers recently about how NATO / EU has underestimated the situation.
    Then again I think its mostly about Russians wanting their status as a global player back, just to rattle the sabre and remind the West they are still alive and kicking.

    Edit - No-one knows however what Putin and the kremlin have in their playbook. Hopefully we won't find out...
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    *sigh* Well, I wasn't going to mention this, but now I see that it may have some importance considering what has been going on with Russia as of recent, so here we go...

    When I was a cadet in high school, towards the end of senior year, I remember that we had a guest speaker come and talk to us about the Cold War of which we were studying. For his sake, I'll refrain from using his name here. He was from Romania, and served with the USSR during those times as a radio/comm talker in what would later become Ukraine. After he described the end of the war (or stand-off, I guess), he touched on the subject of how Ukraine came to be after gaining their independence in the early '90s from Russia. He said that the newly formed Ukrainian government hid and or deactivated remaining nuclear weapons that were left behind after the collapse of the USSR, and that Russia has been on edge with Ukraine ever since, since those nukes were never accounted for.

    Now then, I haven't been keeping up with the news lately, mostly because it's always depressing, but what he said seems to be true...nukes that just disappeared like that would certainly stoke the Russian hornet nest.
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    This stuff is crazy...........the stuff with the Ukraine is nuts. I dont understand whats going on with Russia. I know though when i was in Greece they were on the brink of a civil war, due to the influence of NATO forces. There were riots and all kinds of stuff happening while i was there. Several times the security level was really high for the thought of the rioters attacking the base. There was a HMS ship with us as well when they started rioting and we would get Coms with them constantly about what was going on. Yeah guys the world as we know it is hanging on by a thread. I just hope you guys have some way of defending yourselves if somthing happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Wolf View Post
    It can't just be me who is expecting a civil war at some time soon?
    Its not that I fantasize about it or want it to happen but! I can't help but think it would be silly not to expect it.
    So my question is, do you think there will be civil war and are you prepping?
    It may be what you wish for bigpaul lol, no trolling here please, your already banned on several other forums, don't start your nonsense here please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Wolf View Post
    It can't just be me who is expecting a civil war at some time soon?
    Depends. Do you mean a civil war here in the UK? If so then I expect you're not the only one but I suspect a good many of those who do probaby have support workers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Wolf View Post
    Its not that I fantasize about it or want it to happen...
    Oh, but I bet you do really.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Wolf View Post
    but! I can't help but think it would be silly not to expect it.
    Yes it would. It's silly not to expect things that may happen. But to expect things to happen when there's no realistic chance, given the current circumstances, is silly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Wolf View Post
    So my question is, do you think there will be civil war and are you prepping?
    No, and no.
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    I think you're right - deffo Civil War sometime soon - possibly Tuesday week.

    *adjusts tin foil hat*

    Seriously tho' - man you have to de-stress if those sort of thoughts are at the front of your mind. The world is pretty crazy at the moment (and the media isn't helping), but get yourself some time in the natural world and get the static out of your head.

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    The way the world is at the moment I think it is prudent to make sure you have emergency supplies and that's including excess of food and water! But if you think the world is a happy place and nothing is going to happen that will effect you in person then I hope your right.
    Liking the outdoors means I've got some kit for bugging out already - lol even a med kit that never gets used but good to have. I think of it as a kind of insurance as you'll be sorry without it!

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    Zombie threads!!! Mental...

    Got to love Jacob's reply ...Post #3😄😄😄

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    Not sure about a civil war, but certainly an increase in terrorism related events that sadly may (and I sincerely hope I am wrong on this) lead to persecution or worse a race war

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