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Thread: keep it simple.

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    keep it simple.

    I'm not going trying to teach anyone to suck eggs, but I do have some professional experience when it comes to fishing. I was and still am a keen angler and an ex commercial fisherman. I have seen so many people waste time money and effort on trick rigs and gear because some highly paid, sponsored angler says that you will catch more fish if you do it like this, or buy this bait or rod etc, well if that's your thing then that's cool, but I can tell you, its called fishing and not catching for a reasons, if you don't catch fish its not because you need better more expensive kit, its just bad luck, I have spent many days/nights on beaches, rocks and at ponds out fishing people with all the trick gear using really simple rigs, baits and lures. So my advice would be save your money, time and effort and laugh yourself silly while you catch all the fish on an edistone eel, and everyone spends half the day or night trying to get there rigs to work.

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    Most of my fishing is sea fishing and the only premade rigs I buy are mackerel feathers when I have not made enough, I make my 2 hook rigs and some other rigs that I don't know the name of, sometimes I do well other times I don't but that is part of the fun learning what does an doesn't work.

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    I have the good fortune to fish regularly on a lake at work with a range of coarse fish as well as brown and rainbow trout. It amuses me greatly that the kids and residential staff alike spend wads on fancy kit and bait. I have a little two piece Swedish fishing rod that's older than me with a cast iron handle and all I fish is a running ledger or paternoster with the humble spam for bait. Some days I catch nowt but often I pull them out for fun and on such a short rod its a great experience bringing them in!

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