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Thread: Polish Army Lavvu + Woodstove = Extremely cozy

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    Polish Army Lavvu + Woodstove = Extremely cozy

    Quote Originally Posted by rik_uk3 View Post
    Put these shelters in perspective and they are nothing more than a couple of ex army poncho's...not up to a lot in reality
    Oh I don't know Rik, a small tent that one can Bergen and can have a fire or naked flame in is a great little tent.

    Pretty tough and durable, easy to escape/exit if needed in the middle of the night, reasonably warm by accounts, cheap to buy, quick and easy to put up and take down and kind of a homage to a wigwam, if only in a minuscule way.

    I like them, but like it's been said, it's a bit or a Marmite thing, you either love them or hate them.

    I think it will be a fun shelter and I have seen a way to add an extra third poncho extending the width a little and a different door opening style.

    I may also extend the height with a removable skirt similar to this design, perhaps a diagonal line from the apex instead of vertical as in this picture.

    I think I will enjoy getting what I can from these shelters.

    Main points for me are the ability to have a flamed warmth inside and the easy exit/escape route 360 degrees. That's why I sleep in a thermal suit and quilt.

    Yes, they are two ex army ponchos that's been designed to make a shelter, there's no doubting or denying that, and I think that's what I like about these tents.
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    A lot of people use those tents with burners but I agree with Rik in some part that they are an accident waiting to happen. If I was going to use one I would definately extend it with a skirt like above. Without the skirt they arn't much bigger than a metre high so a small stove is a must, along with a carbon monoxide alarm.

    Something no bigger than an ammo can stove would suffice.

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    Absolutely, I agree.

    A carbon monoxide alarm, there are some good and lightweight ones around, a very important tool to have. If the stove vents were closed to create a slow burn, charcoal could be made and as we know charcoal and barbecues in tents can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and death. So I consider an carbon monoxide alarm essential.

    The P'lavvus around 1.4 in metres in height, so an extension skirt if one decides to convert should give a height to stand up in and maybe stretch. The extension skirt would also widen the floor plan if one followed the apex lines and not vertical.

    An ammo box stove should be tolerable if one does not ramp up the fuel and heat, and may give a warming atmosphere to relax in the evening with.

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    looks awesome!!!!

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    What size of Ti goat stove are you using ? I'm thinking g of getting one.

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    would truly love to see a video review of your set up

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