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Thread: Do you sleep in your base layers?

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    Do you sleep in your base layers?

    Do you sleep in your base layers/thermals when out in cold weather? I heard it was better to sleep without thermals so you're able to warm up in the morning.

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    I like to stretch the capabilities of my sleeping bag, so I'll not only wear my base layer, but also my Czech surplus military cold weather trouser liners, a sweater, thick socks, and perhaps my ushanka if it gets frigid. These are my "dry" clothes to sleep in. Sleeping in your hiking clothes is not ideal because of the built up moisture which will cool you down. Keeping a set of dry clothes is one way to get around this.
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    I think the most important thing is to be DRY when you go to bed. If your base layers have perspiration on them, they'll wick the heat from you unless they're designed to wick the moisture away of course. I often find I'm warmer naked in my sleeping bag than wearing something I've been in during the day. Fresh, bone dry clothes or pyjamas would be warmer though.

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    When camping in the wilds of Kielder forest in the winter, I kept a set of merino wool thermals especially for bed time and they kept me toasty warm all night. Just the thing after a spending a day shaking the ice off my sails!

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    Yep, base layers stay on at this time of year but the rest will go. That way I have layers to add in the morning and keep warm as well as have something on if I need to answer the call of nature. Being that I am supervising young folks quite often it also becomes a necessity.

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    In winter I strip and get a dry set og baselayer on before I get in the bag. I also put on a thick pair of felted wool socks and a balaklava on my head.
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    Definitely dry base layers + socks and hat this time of year, both for warmth and convenience.......

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    Usually naked (I sleep hot) but as the temperature gets lower the layers go on.

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    Dry base layer; thick, loose-fitting cotton socks; and wool cap is what I like to wear.

    In regard to the socks, it's either those, or a larger pair of woolen hand-knit socks my grandmother made (though I don't like to wear them out as I'll never have another pair like them.)
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