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Thread: Thermorest Mattress

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    My Trail Pro is self-inflating, though for extra expansion (or "loft", I guess) I'll put a few breaths into it. For this pad, that's OK, can't say for yours, but here's a link to the owner's manual:
    I know some of the Big Agnes pads use a bag that comes with for inflation, though I doubt it would be compatible with a Thermarest.
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    Why not use your breath when using when camping and then when you get home use a pump to inflate and deflate a few times to remove the moisture (some pumps have reverse to deflate)

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    maybe try putting one of those silica gel packs inside to soak up moisture?

    as long as its in the paper wrap it shouldnt effect the material...

    whether it would effect it if it was loose i dont know...

    just replace it every now and then to keep the inside fresh and moisture free...

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    Only got one of the early ones. And they always seem very narrow to me. I toss and turn a lot at night, so i end up rolling off them entirely. Thank the gods for hammocks :-)
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    Must admit that when I am ground dwelling I do like the comfort of my Thermarest XLite. Five centimetres of luxury as opposed to the previous self inflating mat at half the thickness.

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    I've been told on more than one occasion that the Thermorests and the VauDe mats are made in the same factory... I often wonder how many of the rather specialist products we use and buy this may apply to?

    - and just to add that Alpkit make pretty good mats as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by jus_young View Post
    Must admit that when I am ground dwelling I do like the comfort of my Thermarest XLite. Five centimetres of luxury as opposed to the previous self inflating mat at half the thickness.
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    I have the Thermorest neo air all season and have a couple of ways to pump it,
    the first is battery powered and in a stealth camp may prove noisy (not too loud), my second option is the neo air tap which allows use of any old bag, plastic or stuff sack (does involve making a hole in the bag of choice)

    1, [URL=""] about 13 quid for the miniflator (very small and light - better than the thermarest version)
    2, about 9 quid for the airtap (comes with a couple of plastic bags)

    Both work well, Regards Jeff
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    Some great ideas on here guys. Thanks for the comments.
    I think I'm going to get the little Thermarest battery pump.
    Small and light and if I'm lucky the lovely Lenin will help me out with the cash.
    Thanks again

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    It's recommended that airbeds are stored inflated, then with the valve opened, to combat this problem. I don't know how effective it is.

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