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Thread: Traditional bushcraft gear

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishyFolk View Post
    I've uploaded many to this forum, but it's hard to find them again.

    But I also have a youtube channel so here are some vids that will show some of my gear.
    This one shows my anorak, Optimus 111 stove, snow shoes , trousers etc...

    In this one you'll see that liitle molle daypack that I modified.

    Here my wood gas stove is in action, and it's wet so I wear my UK army goretex.

    Here my go-out bag is, from when I just had gotten the solo cook kit. Today the cook kit has more or less been replaced by the wood gas stove and GSI stainless teel kettle you saw in the last video. (But I still have it :-)

    In this vid I tested my pulk, hammock, tarp, under quilt etc...and I wear a soft-shell jacket.

    Many more on my channel

    I haul it all in this one:
    Great videos! I recognized the wassailing song in the first one, as I sang for a victorian Christmas event one time . I need to really start using the oil fire stick 'method'. I'm sure I could find some pine pitch somewhere...

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    Samuel Hearne
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    I try and make some stuff but find some of the things I would like to make difficult as I do not have electricity to make them in my garage so have to use hand tools, I do use of a lot of kit that I had left over from when in the army (hell of a lot) and know how to repair it in the field, I make my own snares and sell them mainly to gamekeepers also make purse nets for ferreting and a few bits and pieces for fishing, I have a fishing rod that I have repaired more times than I can remember, I would say that most of my kit is made of modern materials.

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    Not much to add really except I prefer primative fire making methods, Flint and Steel and Bow Drill. BUT there's always a but , I stink at bowdrill I need lots more practise. Like you I shy away from the named gear as it's usually way over priced tat.

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