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Thread: Greetings wild folk

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    Quote Originally Posted by OakAshandThorn View Post
    You might want to chat with SusanneWilliams on the forum - she'll sort your concerns .
    Great advice!Susanne Williams--"The Girl"...a legend...Will have all the answers.
    You are never too old to learn!. A SURVIVER!

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    to the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfieCrowe View Post
    cheers, am I thinking you just might have spoken Gaelic to me then? I'm sad to say I speak little of my ancestrial mother tongue!! Thanks for pointer to Suzanne Williams. (OakAshandThorn)
    I took classes in Gaeilge for a year (that's all I could afford ), it's not too difficult once you get past the pronunciation rules, though for some people understanding the grammar is no easy task. I'm by no means fluent, and sometimes I'll get things a little mixed up and speak "broken Irish" .
    But after the classes, I started studying the Ulaidh dialect, Gaeilic, independently through their songs. Definitely my fav out of all the dialects...unique, and very fluid-sounding.
    Every day I try to remind myself to learn more about the language, or to use it practically. You should be able to find a tutor (mine learned in Connemara), or you could visit a Gaeltacht for an immersive learning .
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    Hi and from Shropshire , Ken
    Ne te confundant illigitimi It is always a pleasure to see what you can make !, instead of buying it ready made. R Proenneke.

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