Well they made a film about it so it must be true. Anyway if the the world did end next year how do you think it would happen? I like the idea of an evil genius trying to become king of the world but then he (or she) would accidentally lean on the button that activates the doomsday device. Which would be........killer robots, which would kill the genius. Anyway the robots would be angered by people's love for portable electronic gadgets and then realise our weakness. Anyway the robots would then take over apple corp and come up with the latest electronic book-phone-i pod-thingy. Then they would start advertising the gadget (let's call it the i-think) in a series of pretentious adverts, with lots of smiley annoying people dancing around saying stuff like. " i-think therefore I am." Anyway in the end most people buy them in the end and nothing happens for a while. But, when apple corp finally sell the billionth i-think, the robots activate them. You see the I-thinks were little robot minions in disguise as techno rubbish. Anyway they would then kill their human masters and take over the world, but then they'd get depressed and start making techno rubbish again. And then the whole circle would begin again.

And that's my apocalypse 2012. And that was also a good way to kill half an hour.

So how do you think the world would end?