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    Wanted Ad`s

    Hi Guys

    Just an idea but would it be possible to do a Wanted adVERT section for newbies with less than 50 posts??

    I know the 50 post rule is there to stop dodgy traders etc but i`m new to Bushcraft and like most of us on a tight budget for hobbies so buying second hand stuff is always a good option,

    But by the time i reach 50 posts i would no longer be a newbie and would probably have bought all the gear i need,

    I also know a lot of people don`t list 2nd hand kit for sale as they find it too time consuming or may not think that anyone would find a use for there old kit but they may be inclined to answer a wanted advert?


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    Nothing to stop you putting a post in the general chit chat section listing the items you want / need and asking folks to contact you via PM

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