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Thread: The reason for me being quiet this summer...

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    The reason for me being quiet this summer...

    I've not been posting much this summer, in fact aside from going to the usual shows and running classes I haven't had a chance to do or make much of anything for months! The reason being is that I have been upgrading my workshop

    My main workshop was already larger than anything I had worked in previously, but after 6 years of spreading and buying new toys, I finally ran out of space and couldn't buy the next new play thing. So I built a small extension to one end, just to house a lathe and whilst I was at it I could move certain sensitive tools out of the toxic environment of my damp forge. Of course, since I was doing this bit of building work, I may as well build a porch so that I don't get wet going from room to room. Oh, and my steel had been getting wet out the back, so that could do with some cover...

    Anyway. The building work is now done. There are always a few odds and ends that can be dealt with when I feel like it, but to be honest I am now sick of building and just want to make some sharp things! I did write a WIP on BCUK as I went through the process, so have a look at that link. I also have a gallery on my facebook page with photos of the various stages of building. I did the last round (ie this year's build) entirely on my own and the only power tools used were a chainsaw (for cutting the oak stumps) and a cordless drill.

    BCUK thread:

    Here is a picture of the original building (2008), the largest I had ever had and was great for the first couple of years before I needed more space. It is approx 5x15m

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    Then 4 years ago I needed somewhere dry to store handle material and to do leatherwork. Up until then I had to do my leatherwork at home (10 miles away) and carry the leather+tools in when teaching. So I built this new room. New room (summer 2010) is approx 4.5x6.5m

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And then this is how it stands as of this summer. I think I have enough space in the new areas to spread a little more should I need to. If not, then I have 10 acres of potential spreading space!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    (I'll leave the full tour for those that want to follow the links)

    Thanks for reading and hopefully I shall have some new tools/knives to show off in the next few months, now this is done!
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    big project, looks nice... on a pratical note - "a cramped workshop becomes a dangerous workshop" enjoy it to the full, Tiggs
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    Well done Dave. Very, very nice.
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    Big project, indeed . Better to focus all your energy on its success than to put it off...I've found that if I do that, the task never gets finished. Well done .
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