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Thread: 1 or 1+1=1.

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    1 or 1+1=1.

    Was out pest controling at 5am this morning,only got a couple of rabbits,(couple of rats too).On my way home,I call into my local "Greasy Spoon",for breakfast.
    1 or 2 rabbits = 1 Full English.
    I love Barter!!!
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    If we could start the system fully again it would be would stop employers being able to pay a pittance for skilled tradespeople.

    Our skills have been devalued to a ridiculous point and the establishment have made sure its very difficult in not impossible to live outside of the banking system

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    That's good news I went shooting this evening and bagged 2 rabbits then gave them to the land owner for letting me shoot his land.

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    Wow - you won't see that in most places in the States, though knowing a few places in rural Vermont and New Hampshire, it is certainly possible .
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