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Thread: Spoon carving

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    Spoon carving

    So, the other day I watched a video by BushcraftBartons on YouTube, the subject being spoon carving and instantly I felt compelled to attempt it.

    My first attempt was using a downed Silver Birch that I found whilst out on a walk.

    Then I moved onto another type of wood. Bearing in mind, this is only the second spoon I have carved.. A little unsure what type of wood it is so if anyone has any ideas, they would help as I really liked carving with it and the end product is gorgeous.

    I'm still waiting for my spoon knife to arrive. There has been a delay due to a lorry fire on a major motorway. It should be here Tuesday/Wednesday. Gotta love Bank Holidays!

    I will put some more pictures on when they are complete, just thought I'd let you all in on the adventure!

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    Lovely work, was that really your first go? Abit of linseed oil would bring the grain up (if is not toxic?)


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    I can completely understand why, Rossbird. It's therapeutic almost!

    Yes Jimmy, the first time I've ever done anything like this. I've never thought of linseed oil. I will look into the contents. I was thinking vegetable/mineral oil or the like?

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    A mineral oil would work well also, atleast it wont putrify over time. The spoons are looking really good, you've definitely got the flare for it.


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    Here's the first one almost complete after recieving my Mora Frost spoon knife:

    And here is my second ever spoon, my favourite by far from the two:

    More to follow..


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    The quality of them is atrocious. I will upload some better ones shortly!

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