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Thread: Inside m25 October meet.

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    any of these coming up in the next month or 2?

    i think it will be good to meet a few of you guys and share some knowledge...

    plus i am yet to attend any of these meets...

    happy to share fuel, but i can get the missus to drop me down and pick me up so i dont have to leave a car sitting about for a few days if no one is coming from my way...

    i live a 2 minute walk from the m25 at london colney if anyone passes by that way...

    but id like a meet before the weather warms up... ( i find colder weather gives a real chance to see gear that would otherwise be left behind in warm weather)

    obvs a summer meet is on the books for me too...

    i would organise a meet, but i dont know where the site would be so best left for someone in the know the organise one


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    Hi Luke.

    I suspect the next one will be in March or thereafter. There's a strong possibility that I'd be coming past you and if so it wouldn't be a problem picking you up, however both sites have off road parking if you took your own vehicle.


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    nice... i will keep tuned in for news of the next one

    thanks E

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