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    Hi everybody!

    Don't know if it can be of any help to anyone, but here's an onlineshop where I bought something recently.

    It may not seem really useful to you friends from across the Channel (well most of you... some are across the Ocean) but as I explained in my introduction, bushcraft is not part of french traditions.
    As a consequence, there are few possibilities for us french bushcrafters to buy good pieces of gear.
    Military surplus are always an option but not always meaning quality...
    Buying overseas is possible too, but delivery charges can be awfully high (especially from England : I was looking the other day for a snugpak sleeping bag. Found it at 65 in Britain, and shipping costs were as expensive as... 65!)

    The man running this online shop is really nice. His name's Frank and he seems to be fluent at english (didn't test him though ).
    Bought a Tatonka Kettle 1L from his shop and everything went just fine.

    For those of you who live in the UK or Scandinavia, 12 € are charged for shipping whatever the weight. But I think you'll find the same items at a lower price at home.

    The very interest for us french is that the man imports articles we couldn't otherwise find here.

    Hope this may help someone

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    Hi Ben,
    Yes I've bought a couple of items off him and by they time you take in postage his prices aren't too bad...
    Fast and efficient service too.

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