Annoyed at the customer service I received recently from this company. I'm not saying it's indicative and all orders will be like this but just wanted to give my view of a recent order which I think was handled incorrectly and could have been better.

It's no big drama or out of pocket etc but just annoyed me and imo bad customer service.

Firstly I ordered a Mors pot and Opinel knife from them, both in stock according to site. Upon arriving after a couple of weeks (From US) there was no knife, just a pot. After reading invoice they had written on it that the knife was out of stock and I had been refunded. Now I was annoyed at this stage because they could have told me this via email two weeks ago and I could have purchased elsewhere or changed order instead of just writing it in piece of paper and waiting for me to get the notification via snail mail.

I proceeded to check my records and so no refund at all 2 weeks ago or since. I emailed them and firstly asked why they didn't contact me about stock/refund and could they please give me details of when it was refunded. About 30mins later they then gave refund via Paypal but decided to simply not reply to my email I had sent which I consider rude and very bad customer service.

This could have been handled a lot differently I would have had no complaints and likely been a returning customer. Mistakes in stock can and do happen all the times in shops and most places would have informed customer and asked if they wanted something else or a refund etc. However because of the complete lack of consideration during and after order I will simply not be ordering again from them, even if it costs me more elsewhere.