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Thread: Fungi Triptych

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    Fungi Triptych

    Whilst out for a ride yesterday I came across three quite different kinds of fungi, all of which have some use to a bushcrafter, so I took pictures of them and thought I'd show you.

    First up is Dryad's Saddle. There was quite a lot of this. Unfortunately these are big old leathery examples, but the edges of the younger fungi can be eaten.

    Next is Common Ganoderma, also known as Artist's Conk. This has two uses. Firstly, as the latter name suggests, the white undersurface can be scribed and decorated. However, it can also be used to produce amadou. It's not quite so yielding as the more common Horse Hoof Fungus, but it does have a thin layer of the velvety material that is processed into amadou.

    Last up is Jew's Ear Fungus. This is it in its dry state on a stand of Elder. I prefer it to be dried, to be honest - it's more useful since it can be crushed and powdered and used as a thickener in stews and soups and that kind of thing.

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    Some nice pictures there bud.

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    Nice pic's and description

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