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Thread: Beware the Bronzemoon

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    Related, but also a generally useful addition to your browser is something call "Web of Trust (".

    In Chrome (and probably other browsers) you can install it as an add-on to the browser. This will let you rate sites for trustworthiness and child-friendliness. If enough people rate the site badly, you'll get a warning (see below) when visiting the untrustworthy websites. This is a great way for us to take power from these sort of companies and try save someone else the misfortune of dealing with them.

    EDIT: As you can see, even though there aren't enough ratings publicly to give the site a rating, I've protected myself from accidentally buying from this site by giving them a poor rating.
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    From their website......

    WOT is a free add-on for your browser

    You can download the WOT add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari browsers. It does not slow down your browsing experience, it is easy to use and free. Just click “Download”, and you are ready to go!
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    Thank you for that lead.
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    I have also been waiting more than 7 weeks. This company is Australian based. Please help to bring the regulator's eyes to this scammer. Go to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ( and make a complaint. It only takes 5 minutes and costs nothing. You will also need their name (Anglo Pacific Trading Aust - BRONZEMOON OUTDOORS) and ABN (16541475625). These details is all publicly available information from the Australian Business Register.

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