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Thread: Thoughts on wind-up torches?

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    Thoughts on wind-up torches?

    Does anyone use a wind up torch? Are they adequete for pitch darkness?

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    I use a hand held, a head torch and recently purchased a camp lamp/radio/charger (all wind up of course) and i have no problem with them except for the winding saves carrying extra AA's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Law View Post
    Does anyone use a wind up torch? Are they adequete for pitch darkness?
    Just as Bright as any battery run LED's.n as valantine says no need to worry about batteries,either extra or the ones you left in from last
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    I have a couple. Keep one in my car, as a back up. Wouldn't like to use as my main torch, as they seem to start dimming pretty quick.
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    Got a wind up head torch, produces 20 mins before a winding, no clue how many lumen that is. It's ample enough for me taking a leak during the night etc.
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    I hate them!

    What I meant to say was that I REALLY hate them!

    Nothing worse when out in the wilds listening to the constant winding of those bleedin things.

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    Hmm, yes, I can understand that Jus! Still, I have a small one in the caravan and a great wind up lantern as well. Very reassuring to have, but I use them as a backup. Very handy. But I'd probably only have one in my pack for the same reason. I like the idea of the headlight for night excursions.

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    I have an early one of these Bl@@dy fantastic a day in the sun will light your camp for two nights

    T cant rate them enough ... expensive but really really effective and NO winding
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    I always carry a small cheap Gelert one as backup. It's come in handy more thane once due to me being my usual careless self. It doesn't take much space either and it's very bright.
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    I like wind ups. No need to carry spare batteries (although I usually carry a spare torch anyway), and all the pro's of rechargeables with out the charging. There are some terrible wind ups out there, but I've had mine a few years now, and it still only needs winding every 15-20 minutes or so. It's not too noisy, and it's waterproof.
    Regarding noise, a torch is about as far from stealthy as it gets regardless of sound anyway. I think the only real disadvantage to a (decent) wind up is that when the battery dies, the whole torch dies.

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