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Thread: Country Wines

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    You could try making sloe gin (sorry but you would have to buy the gin-cheapest you can get will do). you need 1lb of sloes 8oz of sugar and 1 bottle(70cl) of gin.
    Put the sloes in the freezer for 1 week then you wont have to prick the skins to make them burst, put all ingredients into a container (demijon is ideal) tightly cork
    and shake well once daily for 1 week, once weekly for 1 month then once monthly for 3 months,leave until 6 months old then decant and filter. then leave to mature
    for as long as you can keep your hands off it. The wait will be worth it (promise). You can also use damsons or blackcurrents-works just as well.

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    Another one to start this month is a Rumtoph,

    Place soft fruit which is in season into an earthenware pot and cover with whatever spirit alcohol you fancy. Use at least 40% ABV alcohol and cover fruit until it is half an inch or so above it. Sprinkle an ounce of sugar over the top and cover with some cling film and stick the lid back on the pot or cover with a plate.

    Leave on the side for a week or so and then start again with whatever ripe soft fruits you have. Blackberries, plums, peaches and strawberries are readily available but you could pick your own elderberries and damsons to add to the pot.

    Once your pot is just about full store it away for another month and then strain into a bottle. The fruit leftovers will be quite alcoholic but taste good with ice cream or whatever you fancy.

    The final product will be sweet and very strong. You can adjust the sweetness by adding more or less sugar and it makes a great Christmas drink.

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    Tasty tread guys keep them recipes coming.

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    Gorse wine is nice, but a pain to collect the petals
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