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Thread: North west new group.

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    Yeah I getting the slowly but surely mate just can't wait to get out under the basha again not been out since January and really missing it now .. Plus Iv passed my driving test so I'm free to go wherever now

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    Feb 2014
    Fflint, n wales
    Yeah! You'll get to feel the wind in you hair and the listen to the rain on your tarp!!
    Winter is coming

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    Jan 2014
    Flintshire, N.Wales
    Ahh freedom of the road, if only that is truly available these days. Next best will do though
    Get well soon sam

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    Haha cheers fellas will have to arrange a night out soon once I'm better


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    Get well soon sam2013, once this damn busy June is over defo will sort out a meet. Kids of school more than there in now a days lol.

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    Yes they definatly are off school more than they are there .. Well it seems that way anyway haha .. Thank you for the get wells hopefully see you fireside soon lads


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    I'm interested i haven't been out yet as i am new to bushcraft, but cant wait to get out there. i'm from Liverpool.

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    Drop the Newcomer....Dreward....into this Hat....Bush Meets here We Come...String that Tarp Boy.....

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