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Thread: Helikon SFU trouser material

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    Helikon SFU trouser material

    How does the material on Helikon SFU trousers compare to Craghoppers Kiwis please. Ideally I want something a little thicker that I can tighten the bottoms in on that doesn't break the bank and was considering the SFU trousers.

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    The Kiwis are only a lightweight trouser aren't they? Never tried the Helikon myself but I always use Dickies or Scruffs work trousers, good quality with knee pad option, plenty of pockets and only around £20.

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    The Kiwis are very lightweight and quite thin material. I will have a look at the Scruffs and Dickies trousers as I think Wickes sell them. Hadn't thought of that. Cheers.

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    Also look at Tuffstuff trousers. I wear snickers usually as they make them for abnormally leggy people like me. Most guys on site I've worked with use the canvas dickies.
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    SFU next are most ripstop , dry quick and very good wearing ...

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