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Thread: From The Poundshop To The Hammock

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    From The Poundshop To The Hammock

    Went into the loft earlier to grab a hammock to mod and I found this as soon as I got up there.

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    This is one of those camping hangers that you keep your toiletries in. Tooth paste, soap, face cloth, you get the picture. Made cheaply, don't weigh nothing at all, but surprisingly very strong for the price of a quid.

    I brought it down and had a very rare brainwave. I was thinking earlier in the day that when in the hammock I always end up with everything from keys to cash cards floating all over the place when sleeping. I never use the sewed in pocket as they are always at the bottom of the hammock, not in easy reach.

    I have looked on all the selling sites for something light and able to hold all the stuff I need without getting out of the hammock but the price is usually over a tenner.

    Anyway, this is what I come up with.

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    I cut the original pouch in half, just the right place that the bottom half needed a few quick stitches at the top and finished it off with gaffer tape to make it look better and hang stronger on my ridgeline.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Neil 'Heath Robinson' looks great.These wee improvisation brainwaves are always welcome that's what survival/bushcraft's all about & for a £1 too

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    Very nice buddy, I always end up with a hammock full of kit when I wake up, I have one of these that I use when travelling round.

    Best get the mrs on the sewing machine......again

    Yorkshire wanderer

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    That's a great idea. Cheers
    Border Bushcrafters

    Isn't it nice when someone says "that's a great piece of kit, where did you buy that", then you can modestly reply "you can't buy it, I made it myself". The moral is, it's amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

    "No better burden can a man carry on the road, than a store of common sense." - Hávamál: 10

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    Good idea that one. My TW hammock came with a pocket in one end for bits like that. But in winer I like to get them and thereby the batteries warm. Besides the pocket always end up being in the foot end...
    But my sleeping bag have a mobile phone pocket in it. So there goes that one + a flash light.
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    I've got a glasses case thing for my specs plus a small stuff sack for car keys Etc hanging on me ridge line.
    Just remember to put the stuff back in your pockets when you pack up.....especially your car keys, yeah, dont forget the car keys....oh the shame

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    nice idea
    * LIFE IS GOOD *

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    I love pound shop mods, the end value is so much more than financial.

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