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Thread: The Best Homemade Budget Stove?

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    I like your steel dish idea...and the oxymoron one too...
    Thanks again

    Kind regards

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    there is the fry bentos pie dishes which are good and a couple of bolts through the base make a good fire pan, or another is a round steamer thing which cost me 99p the I used a foil pie dish to collecty the ash below it to catch all the ash (the steamer has pins in the bottom which I sometime just place the foil pie dish on or sometimes if not fully flat may pierce the foil tray to get a stable base) and then put in in a carrier bag when fished with to leave no trace.

    here is the steamer I use but it now has gone up in price by a fair bit but other supermarkets normally have it.

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    I've tinkered with a few designs over the years as others have said the exercise in itself is absorbing. My main form of cooking is with an Esbit alcohol stove and the wood burning role is secondary. Using the Alcohol Stove the set up acts as a windshield and pot stand.

    My current set up operating in alcohol stove mode.

    A previous flat folding model.

    One of my flat folding models in wood stove mode.

    Folding style stove cooking up a storm.

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