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Thread: What's in your hydration kit?

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    Sorry Ken, I should have made myself more clear. The Platypus didn't have any taste when it was new and, over a year later, it still doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    Sorry Ken, I should have made myself more clear. The Platypus didn't have any taste when it was new and, over a year later, it still doesn't.

    k thank you martin


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    At the moment I favour the 58 pattern water bottle for afternoon strolls, as it fits into pockets on both of my day sacks that would otherwise be unused. For longer day hikes I usually take one (or sometimes two) 550ml ali bottles too, stuffed into webbed side pouches.

    Both of my day sacks are bladder compatible and I have accumulated 2 x 1L, 3 x 2L and 1 x 3L bladders over the years. But, I only use the bladders occasionally as I find the water in them warms up fairly quickly and then stays warm all day. Also, in my experience, they are not the most robust form of hydration gear. I've had one 1L and two 2L's rupture whilst out on a wander. I can laugh about it now.

    I have recently picked up a 1L and 2L Mountain Warehouse Platty knock offs and I did take the 1L out with me today for a stroll around Mount's Bay, as back up for the 58PWB, but I didn't need it.

    On the few occasions when I did venture beyond the campsite and into the wild last year, I took ALOT of water with me, so filtration/purification was not an issue and I would boil water in either a Trangia kettle, a solo cook pot or my old SM Trangia billy, depending on what cook gear I had with me.

    I intend to get out into the wilds a lot more this year, so I need to get up to speed on how best to treat water to make it safe to drink.

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    Water is stored and filtered using an Aquamira frontier pro water filter fitted to a Source 2L water bladder. This is backed up with aquaclear tablets when required. The drinking container of choice at the moment is a Camelbak Performance bottle which is clear, lightweight and has measurements marked which can be useful.

    The Source bladders have no plastic taste and are constructed using an antimicrobial material. I know this works as I had the bladder in the back of a hot van for a couple of months with no problems at all. The water still smelt good when I remembered to take it out and give it a clean.

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    Whatever 1,5 litre coke/soda bottle I find in the kitchen as I pack my rucksack...
    Else I have one of those steel bottles and a couple of camelbak bottles that was issued to me, but I mostly let the kids have those.
    Else any stream that I know have no farms up hill from me...
    Or I melt snow on my GoSystems Flexi-fuel, or any other heat source I have around...

    I wound one of those 2 litre water bladder Camelbak knock offs at the local Clas ohlson quite cheap The have it in the UK Clas Ohlsons as well here:

    5.99£ is not bad a price for that. A Cemelbak bladder is probably around 20£ :-)
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    Can't beat the old 58 pattern bottle, it will take all the knocks and refuses to break, unlike those damn metal/ali things, where the top breaks at the neck of the bottle and floods your pouch / sack with water / meths / whatever.
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