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Thread: "squeeze" gutting a rabbit?

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    its not for me but a mate of mine does it and it takes seconds,handy when out lamping and carrying your rabbits on a string,your only carrying half the weight and no blood all over you,its also handy when the flies are about as you can get the guts out without opening a dining area for the blue bottles.
    he can do hares aswell which are surprisingly easy if your hands are big enough....atb kev

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    I just wouldn't want to burst anything. I was always in the slash and scoop category, don't get me wrong if the prolapse method works easy id try it but I wouldn't want to ruin a perfectly good meal.
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    I use this method.

    Only on rabbits up to a certain size. Can't do it efficiently enough on larger rabbits.


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    this method bruises the meat... handy if you want to gut it quickly, but its better to spend a little more time and do the job properly

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