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Thread: Charging up...

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    Charging up...

    So going out in the forest tomorrow for a little look-see. So I got both my dSLR battery chargers going, 3 speed chargers for AA/AAA batteries going for head lights and flash gun/ video light.
    The go pro charger is also going in addition to the go pro itself. The mobile phone is also being charged in case I drop and break a leg on the ice out there, and to top it all off I am topping up an extra battery bank in case I need to charge something while I am out there.

    It's madness!!!
    Victory awaits the one, that has everything in order - luck we call it
    Defeat is an absolute consequense for the one that have neglected to do the necessary preparations - bad luck we call it
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    Quote Originally Posted by FishyFolk View Post
    It's madness!!!
    It does seem so, but the batteries are only charged so you can share what you are up to......

    I have either temporary misplaced our waterproof camera,or its lost! and I am going white water canoeing tomorrow (it's only grade 3 mind), but sort of feel lost with out it....

    Just go enjoy

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    Have a great time and stay safe out there, like Tim says please share any Photos
    Campfires are best shared with friends.

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