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Thread: Ray grills Bear!

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    Quote Originally Posted by comanighttrain View Post
    Do they smell of urine when you get them or do you have to do that before wearing them?
    normally do it with them on but I do need to inventa tube to fit on to a bottle then I could bottle it all for later LMAO
    CLAP clearly loudly, as an order, with pauses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwin View Post
    <Giving an opinion about an person while not considering the impact on them is at best thoughtless and at worse highly arrogant.... "only i can be so right, so like it or lump it">

    There is something going about where people are being regarded as delicate flowers with sensibilities that must not be upset. partly lawyer driven where roughty-tufty merchant bankers and even lawyers sue their employers for millions for "constructive" dismissal following "hurtful" remarks. Couple this with the relativism that says that everybody's opinion is of equal weight regardless of evidence or talent and we have the mess we are in now. Book and science critics are being gagged because of the dangers of a lawsuit and psuedo-science is running rampant.

    Anf we mustn't foget the cop-out of bad television programmes that "it's only entertainment, a romp" to excuse improbable plots or bad direction.

    Fortunately, out in the bush natural selection still works.
    as someone who works with less than desirable sections of the public on a daily basis, i am far from sensitive, nor do i call a blackboard a chalkboard or talk about the rights of LGB&TG people over the mainstream

    its not about political correctness, its simply about good manners, maturity and having some adult discretion in the language used

    the natural selection evident in pubs, warrants speaking with some courtesy

    Bear certainly didn't act in a "delicate flower" way, he acted (as the reports would suggest) in a manner that made Rays comments reflect badly on one person, himself

    btw, as an (ex)union official, i can tell you that a constructive dismissal case in this country is very difficult to win, despite what the Daily Fail would have people believe

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    I was referring to those unable to take criticism, I knew nothing about you but now we know that you serve the public and were a union official which is much the same as myself, 42 year in public service and elected to NALGO local branch office. But this is irrelevant.

    If you haven't read about cases in our "The City" and in New York of big claims made by ex-employees of financial institutions of very successful people who felt slighted or might not have got the promotion they, in their own mind, deserved, then you can't be reading your non Daily Fail closely enough. I was not referring to the "normal" constructive dismissal cases.

    But to return to the topic there is no reason that Mears should not have given an answer, presumably honest, about Grylls performances. Circumlocution makes poor television.

    I remember a management course where the scenario we had to work through was that of telling an employee that he smelt and should wash. Terribly difficult but the message was that honesty was best, done discretely but the message to X had to be "you smell and must do something about it". I did actually have to do this, not to an employee, but to occasional users of the library where I worked. Beating about the bush never worked and was no kindness, straight talking did work because you were talking to them as an adult not treating them as some kind of half-wit.

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    I think this thread has probably run its course. I hope everyone agrees, if not drop me a PM.

    If you think it's appropriate, please feel free to start a new 'merit's of constructive dismissal' thread in the 'Employment Law' section.

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