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Thread: survival instructor job??

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    survival instructor job??

    Hi all not sure if this is the right place to put this but im giving it some thought to possible applying for some instructor jobs, I guess what im asking is, whats the rules to be coming a instructor-e.g NVQ'S? Etc in an ideal world (ha ha yeah right!) Id love to be took on by someone and trained up to the job, but it dont work like that unless you know someone. Anyway any help welcome. Dave

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    If your looking for a well paid job then don't do it, its long hours and low pay. But it will be rewarding and you get to play out doors all day and night

    My advice be to offer you skills on a voluntry basis first and see what happens. There are instructors courses available but they are expensive and not many are recognised vocationally. I help out as a assistant instructor, its hard work but I get to meet loads of great people and do all the courses for free. That for me is enough for now, I don't want to do it as my main job as it would take me away from my family far too much.
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    To be honest I think there are too many instructors out there for the potential customer base that there is at present , half the blokes I know that did courses went and set up there own 'schools ',, forget about it as a profession and enjoy it as a hobby, it's much more rewarding and fulfilling that way.

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    Good points! Think I'll take your advise and keep it as a hobby and keep the skill practicing going. Gonna keep making the youtube vids etc

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    Move to New Zealand, or Australia....

    Won't be the most highly paid jobs, but definitely the job of a lifetime.,
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