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Thread: My new Granfors Bruks axe.

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    My new Granfors Bruks axe.

    I just bought myselves a new Granfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe. I really like this axe. Though it is a little bit big, I find it okay to have it on my backpack.
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    Check out my thoughts about this axe, and a review of it in this video!


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    Take good care of her, and you'll have an axe for life. Good choice :-)
    Else it's not that much heavier than a shorter axe, and a lot safer to use.
    For more advice on how to do that, you can look at the axe thread in "our" forum...we have some axe crazed people in there :-)

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    as rune says; wonderful axe, great choice

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    Nice one David, I have a GB small forest axe and like it a lot and would definitely buy another axe from GB due to quality. GB also provide the booklet in English to their English speaking markets and in other languages too, another point in their favour

    Very pleased you tested the axe out on the dead standing stump rather than the nice birch near it


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    I used a Small Forrest axe for a few years and found it to be a good tool. I then found a Scandinavian Forrest axe for sale second hand. It arrived razor sharp and in A1 condition, it is much safer with the longer handle and even usable with one hand if care is taken. Only thing to consider is the longer handle makes it a tad awkward to pack but overall a more usable tool than the Small FA.

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    Apologies to necromance an old thread but I ended up with a scanfa because of this thread.

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