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Thread: Aussie Canoe trip

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    Aussie Canoe trip

    Myself, Lepmeister, smartee, and another few mates from bushcraftoz went out down the Kangaroo River to Lake Yarrunga in New South Wales for a canoe overnighter.

    The valley is a 2 hour drive from Sydney so we set off early and were out on the water by 9.30. The forecast was for clear skies and low winds so we were in for good canoeing conditions.

    Lepmeister has just bought a new Wenonah Prospector so I left my Old Town at home and jumped in with him. It's a great craft if anyone is interested in buying a (fairly light) traditional shaped canoe.

    The lake was a 3 hour paddle from the put in point, we had a slight back wind and glassy water so the paddling was real comfy.
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    The spring here as been very warm so most of the reptiles are out already and there was plenty of goannas about the place.

    I swapped my hammock with smartee for the night. He used my Warbonnet Blackbird and I used his Hennesey Hyperlite. I gotta say, that Hennesey is one comfortable hammock and I slept great. The temperature got down to 6(42deg) with a heavy mist that made for a picturesque morning.
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    There is a nice sunken forest area that is well stocked with bass so we flicked a few lures on the way back to the cars. Once again my eco fishing technique was in evidence(I didn't catch anything )
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    All in all, it was another great trip with plenty of wildlife and reconfirmation of why I love bushcraft and the outdoor life.

    If any of you have the opportunity to get down here, the Kangaroo Valley and Morton National Park is a very wild and large area to explore and I recommend it to anyone interested in a canoe trip down under.

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    Talland Bay.. An pleg-mor Kernewek hag a wra kovyow
    That looks a nice place to paddle :0)

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    Nothing like mixing three of your joys in life in one trip, wild camp, canoe and fishing ( Even if tha catches nowt ) doesnt come buch better than that. I can see you had a gudden, thanks for sharing the trip, Ken
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    Looks you all had a really good trip, great report and photographs. I think I have adopted your eco fishing technique
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    Looks great mate. Thanks for sharing!
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    Ansum La

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    very jealous! keep the pics coming bro!

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