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Thread: The Honey Stove

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    The Tatonka burner is great; it is faster and more efficient than the Trangia, it has a much bigger fuel capacity - and stainless steel is a lot more rugged than brass.



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    [QUOTE=Ashley Cawley;858]@Skate - Love your avatar pic!

    Cheers Ashley, it freaked my sister out a bit, something about Donnie Darko

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    It's on my christmas list

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    I've had a few honeys over the years and keep getting shot of them.I buy a new one thinking the last one wasn't so bad and when it arrives ,after a few uses I remember what a faff it is.Nothing wrong with it really ,it's just me.I can get on with them for more than a few weeks.

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    Had my honey stove for 2 years now and I love it - one of the best bits of kit I have bought because its just so versitile.

    I use it for festival camping when I try to sneek some wood in (prefer that to smelly hexi but security not too keen on "open fires" so I have to be careful), and its useful for a quick brew on bike rides and walks - small brew kit and nab some water from the platypus/camelback and your away.

    Also used it for regular camping when ive been able to rustle up a 2 course meal faster than a friend using a gas camp kitchen. They were amazed at it and couldnt wait to see it in action for the rest of the weekend.

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    Here is my thoughts on the Honey-Stove...

    Also I just used it yesterday for the first time with a tatonka alcohol burner, was impressed how it fit together beautifully with just four of the side-pieces as it was made for it! Certainly versatile.
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