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Thread: What Have You Bought Now!!!???

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    A cheap set of leather working tools that will be used once for repairing the sheath for my Enzo knife.

    and a King KW65 #1000/#6000 grit japanese whetstone. + some polishing compound for my paddle strop.
    As what I have gathered King stones is supposedly not the king of the hill when it comes to whet stones from the Empire of Japan, but
    it is what I could afford at the moment, and I am certain it will get the job done well enough for me...unless
    the usual thing happens...I get bitten by the shiny kit syndrome and go maniac...

    ANyway, it will be a break from my suual mantra that the cheap 4$ stones are good enough (they are)...I jsyt want to try something new :-)
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    I use a King stone and find it more than adequate. Gets the blades sharp enough to keep the wife covered in plasters anyway!

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    The king stones are just fine actually...
    Keeping them from freezing temperatures and also truing them flat before each session is imperative though...

    Good choice on kit purchases Rune!👍👍

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