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Thread: Tree book

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    Thanks again david. I will be trying to get as much info as possible without overloading myself straight away.I goin to the lakes for an overnighter next week where I will be able to practice my learning. I've also just ordered three books to help me two tree guides and food for free. All collins.

    Really appreciate the help david thanks again.
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    Your welcome toney.

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    I have both the Usborne Trees book and the Collins Nature Guide. Both great but the Collins is a bit more detailed and has photos rather than drawings and is more grown up.
    The Collins is ISBN-10: 0261674013 by Aas and Riedmiller. On Amazon for a penny at the minute.
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    Also, as a companion to Food for Free:
    Wildflowers of Britain and Northwest Europe (DK Handbooks) by Christopher Grey-Wilson.
    Photos and detailed descriptions. The pictures in Food for Free aren't great for identifying to be honest. This book is available for pennies on Amazon.
    Do Not Demand What You Cannot Take By Force

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