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    Plant Id

    Hi all anyone know if this is a weed or a nice plant? Taken over a friend's garden?

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    Looks like a lighter to me...............?


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    Looks a bit like ground elder (Aegopodium podagraria)...but don't quote me I'm a Novice

    If it is, it's difficult to eradicate among other plants
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    Most likely Ground elder, check for a triangular stem

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    Should I dig out all out our leave a little? Does it flower and look nice? It pretty much covers all the beds at the moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveyG View Post
    Should I dig out all out our leave a little? Does it flower and look nice? It pretty much covers all the beds at the moment
    If it is Ground Elder, and it looks like it is to me, you need to wage war on it! If you think Bunnies multiply quick you should see that stuff!! Later there will be a insignificant white flower on it but by that time it will have spread out of the border beds and be making it's way into the house.

    Seriously, it is very invasive and spreads it's roots everywhere. If you break a root digging it up...the broken bit grows as another plant. When I had a garden I never did get rid of it all, just managed to control it by digging the spreading roots out. It will eventually stifle any bedding plants you put in if you don't control it..

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    Looks like some type of bramble...then again I don't know much of the plants in the UK .
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    Roundup (Glyphosphate) is the answer. Get the industrial stuff not the rubbish from a Garden Centre
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