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Thread: hammock question

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    hammock question

    Knowing nothing about hammocks I wondered if anyone could clear things up for me.
    Not being one to sleep on my back is it possible to rig a hammock up to sleep in comfort on your side. Any info appreciated

    Thanks in advance Magnet

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    I can quite comfortably sleep on my side, what you will need is to tweak your set up until you can get as comfy as possible to me the secret is being able to lie diagonally in your hammock so you can get a flat lay

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    What he said above and you will love it, best night's sleep you can get.

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    Thanks lads might look into getting one now ...............Cheers Magnet

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    I hang my DD frontline a bit loose and can lay diagonal. I sleep on my side, sometimes even side/front, really comfy!

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    Bridge hammocks work well for side and front sleepers, look one up on interweb
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