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Thread: What do you cook in?

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    Question What do you cook in?

    Well, to cut a long story short. Ian, yes our NB Ian, viscously and callously beat the sh*t out of one of my mess tins at the last meet, much the amusement of the other members, but did indeed make me cry. (never let the truth get in the way of a good story)

    So, replacement required!
    Mess tins, or billy, or what????

    What do you use and why?
    I like the issue mess tins because they nest well, pack well, and allow for food storage inside them. But, I don't know any different, so share your preference with me please

    I use one of these for water.

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    I have several home made billies, my issue mess tins and a zebra billy, depends what floats my boat at the time....never go anywhere without my metal mug though

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    i use one of these but changed the mess tins for the german ones as i much preferred them.
    works with the trangia and you can use it as hobbo too

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I just use a zebra billy can and my NATO cup have mess tins aswell but tend not to take them

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    MSR Titan Kettle

    I like the size and of course the weight being titanium. I have made a pot cosy for it and my Ti mug with cosy, meths burner, trivet, pot grabber, granpas fork, matches, vasaline coated cotton balls and LMF striker all fit nicely inside to go along with the Honey Stove to make up my cookset. The Kettle is used as my cookpot, kettle and plate when on lighter weight excursions but I may add a proper kettle (thanks to FishyFolk) when on static camps.

    Its good for doing my morning porridge as well yum.

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    Eagle products camp fire frying pan with a fold over handle, which can be lengthened by putting a stick in the handle. (anodized aluminium, non-stick)

    Eagle products camp fire kettle for boiling water for a brew up.

    Solo cook kit, with two pots, one of them is the lid for the bigger. inside I have a pot stand, and a trangia type meths burner, a wood spoon, wind screen and some tea, instandt soups, salt and pepper etc also fits inside

    Then my Nalgene water bottle sits nested inan olicamp space save cup (stainless steel), so I can use that as well.

    My Nalgene canteen bottle (US army style), also nests in a stainless steel US army GI style cup. I think I will get a hex burner for this.

    I have a Zebra billy also. Have not used it yet. I think I have to cut off the handle for it, it's a lot less packable than I thought it would be. Plan to use it over a camp fire.

    Trangia style cook kit - for when the whole clan comes with.

    But 90% of the time, what I cook is just a bunch of sausages on a pointed stick left to charr over the fire, then put in a bun, and drowned in ketchup :-)
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    To be fair, Paul has missed out a specific requirement; namely that said container must be able to repell bannock that's certified as eligible to replace the ceramic amour on main battle tanks.

    However, from my point of view (I'm the guy who cooked new potatos in a 5Ltr kettle), I think it's a great question Paul.


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    I use/have used:

    MSR Titan Kettle
    Crusader Mess Tin
    MSR Seagull Pot
    Crusader Mug
    Pathfinder Cook Kit
    Zebra Billy Can
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    I mostly have pots for cooking on whilst canoe touring -

    Four Dog anodised pots

    Eagle Kettle for water

    GSI Anodised dutch oven for anything larger

    They should last me for a lifetime, and i'll have my ashes put in one of them
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreefrogGB View Post

    and i'll have my ashes put in one of them
    Only after we've eaten the crumble

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