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Thread: Worst Buy !

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    I have an old shoe polish tin filled with loft insulation and covered over with the mesh from an old sieve. A couple of squirts of meths is all you need to make a brew. The tin also fits in the round fuel pan perfectly and can also be stored in it with the lid on for traveling.

    PM me your address, I have a spare one that you can try out.

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    My main issue with the Cru cooker is its poor design.

    When not in use, it nests poorly with the Cru cup (which is a bit of kit I love) either leaving an air gap and rattling about in a pouch or pocket or pushing the handles out if you try to reduce the air gap. Either way it does not grip the cup tight enough, indeed at all with the one I have. So when you grab the the whole kit and caboodle without thinking, which I have done more than once, you have your NATO bottle, with Cru cup nesting on the bottom, in your hand and the cooker is either sat where you left it or flying through the air on a trajectory towards something breakable.

    Not good.

    So if I'm out for a hobble and fancy a brew along the way, I just use the Cru cup with one of the 'fancy' hexi cookers, I got from matey down Camborne surplus
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hexi.JPG 
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    It does the job and does not irk me like the Cru cooker does.

    I believe the USGI canteen kit, which is similar to the Cru cook kit, may be more in tune with my hopes and expectations and I'll probably get one at some point to add to my growing collection of cookers and stoves, but the hexi / Cru cup combo works well enough, suits my needs now and does not annoy me; so I'm in no rush to get replacement kit.

    Or if I can give procrastination the slip for an hour or so, I could actually try and mod the Cru cooker or something else to my preferred specification, like you have Neil, rather than just thinking about it, which would solve the problem. But I'd have to think about what I intended to do and my mind likes a wander as much as my feet do, so there is always the danger I'd emerge form my little cosy little thought cocoon, sat atop a windswept hill, taking in the panoramic view before me, supping down a brew while telling myself "You're procrastinating again, aren't you?"

    Not that bad an outcome actually
    Ansum La

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