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Thread: Banshee 200

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    Alone in the Wilderness
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    Banshee 200

    Today ive ben out and bought the new Banshee 200 came home and put it up in the garden and was surprised how easy it is to put up and pack away for the money it is very well made and spacious for a solo camper paid 80 for it so for money it is perfect and would recommend it to anyone off out tomorrow night to test it ill let you know how i get on Dean

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    Don't forget the pickies - we all want to see how good it is.
    I had a vango for over 10 years, bought it in a sale for 40 from the outdoor shop in llanberis - sold it last year
    for 40 + p n p can't be bad
    Cheers Bri
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    I have one. So far I have only used it once; except from the fact that I would really like it to be longer, I am quite happy with this tent.

    I am adressing the Banshee 200 shortly in this video:

    We have, however, had to discontinue Vango at the store - due to massive issues with materials and quality control in some tent models. We have had minimal issues with the Banshee 200 though.
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    Nice Video Jeep! We have the same problem with kids here

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    I bought one about a year ago and haven't used it yet.. I just cant bring myself to leave my hammock at home, it's just too comfortable.

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    Used the Banshee at the weekend on Scout camp. Every time I do these camps I dread having to go to ground as I love the hammock so much, then I think about the Banshee and how I should have got something a little bigger. When I get to camp and have spent all of ten minutes setting it up, getting the mat and sleeping bag out and placed everything inside I realise that actually this little tent is ideal and I really don't need anything else for ground dwelling.

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    When looking for a tent last year I was thinking about the Banshee however I opted for the Terra Nova/Wild Country Zepyros 1 as it was same design as the Terra Nova Laser but 1/4 of price .
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    how heavy / practical to carry are these? id like one

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    I've got the earlier model than the one in Jeep's video. The inner has to be hung first then the fly sheet goes over. I wish I'd knew they were going to revamp it, but it's still a great little tent.

    It weighs in at 1.9kg and is about 480mm x 180mm, but that's in a banshee 300 stuff sack I blagged for mine to make it easier to stuff. I can also get my sleep mat in, which, to be honest wasn't a consideration at the time.
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    We looked at the 200 but instead went for the 300 as lots more space but not too much extra weight. Have used it in some pretty awful weather and its been a solid little tent

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