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Thread: One woodland, one fat bloke, one month!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonnyP View Post
    But Pete, you dont know you daisys from your dandelions..! You are gonna die..!
    Nice one buddy, will get some money over at some point :0)
    Cheers Jonny x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humakt View Post
    Yup, as others have said- best of luck.
    Two good things will come out of it: you'll raise some money for a damn good cause, and you'll also lose a bit of weight!
    Wish I had the knowledge to do something similar.
    Congratulations and best of luck to you.
    Thank you!

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    Please help me to raise money for these kids. Chase hospice is for terminally i'll kids and your help makes there lives that little bit better!

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    Only 11 days of normality left for me now

    For those who want to follow my progress here's my FB link.

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    Hey Pete,

    Fair play to you mate, a month of foraging is a great challenge. I'll will be making a donation and following your blog so good luck with it all.

    I'm already looking forward to hearing you reminisce about it hopefully over a beer.

    Cheers fella

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    Nelson Mandela

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    Just given this a mention on the frontpage & Twitter etc. wish you all the best with this one Pete!

    I'm sure you'll raise plenty and have the experience of a life time, ups and downs I'm sure and we look forward to hearing all about them later.

    Stay safe my friend and when you're feeling down remember why your doing it.

    Ashley Cawley

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    Good luck Pete. I presume your shelter will be the dogs danglies but just in case....i wish you the best weather!! Or Will you be taking any shelter making kit? If so what's going in the bergen with you?Please endulge us all, the closest ill get to this is a week canoeing with a hobo line next summer!!

    P.s. Money will be coming your way from me too
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    Good luck and good on you!

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    Thank you guys, greatly appreciated.

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    Talland Bay.. An pleg-mor Kernewek hag a wra kovyow
    Pete is now in the woods. You can see him on the telly and follow him on facebook, where he will be updating his progrss.. Please spare a pound if you can :0)

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