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Thread: hammocks

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    Hi guys
    Does any one here use a hammock very often? I've been thinking of getting one for a while
    but I wonder if the sleeping position makes your back ache.

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    I have a Tw basic hammock and a DD Frontline, and its the best nights sleep i have ever had

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    Hi Rodger.

    I don't sleep in my hammock enough! But, when I do, I sleep very well. If anything, I find that sleeping in a hammock helps my back after the rigors of commuting and the time spent sitting at a PC thereafter.

    Only last weekend with the "Breakfast Club", I dozed off to sleep, gently rocking in my hammock - never done that in a tent!

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    Excellent night's sleep in a DD Frontline, only had this one so can't compare with other makes although some are wider than the DD and that's got to be better still.

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    Once you've got the set up right, best nights sleep ever.....

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    I have a DD travel hammock, its excellent. I tension the hammock so it doesn't bow in the middle, I lay flat and can even manage to slepp on my side comfortably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
    Once you've got the set up right, best nights sleep ever.....

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    The plan is to go out for my second winter night in a hammock this weekend...provided those arctic low pressure zones ease off. The first was 2 weeks ago. Went into the hammock around 10 in the evening, and woke up 9 in the morning. 11 hours of sleep. Have not done that in a bed for a while. But then we do have a toddler at home to tell us when it's time to wake up :-)

    Ina tent I hardly ever get a shut eye....

    Oh and mine is a Tenth Wonder Bivi Hornet XL. The XL is for extra wide. So I lay completely flat, and can sleep on my side, or curled up, whatever I like :-)
    But at almost 2 kilos it's a bit of weight to lug in. But it's a double hammock, that is this one has a and under hammock that can be taken off and used as hammock in it's own right. Or attached to the hammock as an under hammock with velcro to protect the underside and your under quilt. It becomes a nice storage area off the ground as well. But there is no double layer to isnert a sleeping pad if you wist to do that. But with an under quilt there really is no need for it.
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    Matelots in the Royal Navy used them for enough years. The only time they suffered from a bad back was when got a lick of the Cat...
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    Hi there
    Hammocks are great I sleep in mine as often as I can. I started off with a DD hammocks travel and now use a Warbonnet blackbird.
    I'd say the main thing is to avoid the mistakes that will put you off hammock camping.

    • Use a simple whoopie sling/tree strap suspension. Easy to set up and light, saves messing around with all sorts of stretchy ropes and big old buckles and caribiners. You only need one knot the Marlin spike hitch.
    • Don't pull your hammock too tight or you'll get a ridge down the centre that is uncomfortable. Conversely don't hang too loose our your back will suffer. Get the right hang and you can sleep pretty much on a diagonal and comfy.
    • Don't get cold. Even on a spring or summer night the temperatures can drop and your back get cold... use a sleep mat or underquilt to insulate your back.
    • Personally I find a centre zipped sleeping bag used upside down as a top quilt works just fine with my underquilt and I always fell really snug. It can often be a bit of a wrestling match to get into a sleeping bag in a hammock....
    • Watch Shug's videos.


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