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Thread: Dd frontline, TW or ?????

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    Dd frontline, TW or ?????

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to hammocks, in your opinions are Dd Frontlune approx 50 worth ghe money? or are there better cheaper alternatives! the problem is I need 4 hammocks 4 tarps etc so need to keep the price down if poss. thanks in advance.

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    I have a DD frontline and a TW basic hammock, my DD is my favourite, built in mosi net is a godsend

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    From what i have read and seen on YT, both TW and DD hammocks are being praised by their owners. I don't think you will regret what ever hammock you decide to get of the two.
    But I have actually never seen one of those and my only hammock experience consist of a one night in a WWII era Jungle hammock, and an hours snooze in a DYI hammock I made from some donated parachute silk

    But ordered a TW, not because it was 10 cheaper than a DD. But because It was wider (An XL sized Hornet) than the DD offerings, and those in the know claims that gives a flatter lay. I'll be back later in the week or next weekend to tell you if they are right, if i do not dreeze to death in the attempt
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    Check this thread out as it may give you some things to think about

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