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Thread: 1300+ mile trek from Toulouse to the isle of Skye

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    Question 1300+ mile trek from Toulouse to the isle of Skye

    Im luke I'm 24 and in the middle of planning a HUGE well huge in my eyes trek from toulouse in the south of France to Portree on the Isle of Skye. I am after some help and advice from people who have more of an idea than me on this subject. i dont know where to post a thread on here to get answers. Any help would be so much appreciated i leave my home here in toulouse in the middle of march so quite soon. hope to hear from you guys soon.
    Ps i will add im trying to do this as solo as possible so no B & B's and as little impact on nature and my surroundings.
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    Talland Bay.. An pleg-mor Kernewek hag a wra kovyow
    More info needed chap.. Are you roughing it or staying at camp sites..? Do you have enough money for supplies..? Are you going by paths or by road..? Are you gonna carry a big back pack full of gear n food, or a small lightweight pack. Do you have a route planned..? When are you planning to leave..? Etc Etc..
    Sounds like a good adventure

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    Bit of an expedition, as JP says more information required. The success is all in the planning, and welcome to the forum.
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    agree!! defo more info needed pal,and
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    youll sufer from restrictions in both France and England dude

    France only above 2000m as i recall is ok for wild camping.....england pretty much nowhere... Scotland though

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    I might add, I'd travel to Skye and walk home.

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