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Thread: Where do you guys and gals store your packs while hammocking

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    Mine goes on the ground under me. I have a 1m *2 m groundsheet from pound land that it goes on which also (as someone said above) gives me somewhere dry to stand.
    The groundsheet is very thin and folds up to nothing, so lives in my bag. The most useful thing I've ever bought for a quid I reckon

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    It depends on the weather with me. If I'm expecting rain it's under the hammock that is under a tarp at this point. If it's fine I just hang it on one of the trees! I can't say I put it on anything but it's never been that bad to put it on a sheet to protect it from wet ground.

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    Hang mine at the end of the hammock

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    I haven't used one personally, but I've been interesting in trying out the ENO underbelly gear sling.
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    Mine goes anywhere I can chuck it. It's one of these orange coloured drybags but as a rucksack. Also very good in the canoe.............come to think of it.......that's where I got the idea from in the first place. It's an awful colour for this 85 litre thing and I'm sure I look like a n@b but at least I won't lose it in The woods
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