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Thread: Best Budget Carbon-steel edged Bushcraft Knife?

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    Quote Originally Posted by okcmco View Post
    I had never check out this knife but I just did on Amazon and it looks all business for not much money. I ordered a couple! Thanks
    You wont be sorry, they are great knives, Ken.
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    New boy here, not to doing stuff outdoors, but to this forum, and this is my first post. Mora do these little red handled knives at less than five quid, I cannot remember where I bought them (yes I bought several) but they sharpen nicely, they feather brilliantly and the handle is very sweet to handle. As I recall I got them from an online hardware supplier.
    These aren't the ones I have but similar

    Mora Basic 511 Carbon Steel Knife
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    Hi OLD DOG,welcome to the forum,Its usual to post your first post on the introduction Thread,then everyone can get to know you n welcome you aboard etc.atb.m
    You are never too old to learn!. A SURVIVER!

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    I did look for such a thing, found it now, didn't scroll down far enough. Being and doing the usual is not something I have ever managed to perfect...

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