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Thread: Bushcraft Quiz

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    1 - Sunrise - a new begining
    2 - Spring - I'm a biker, enough said
    3 - Swinger - Comfortable and more relaxing for me
    4 - Fur - All to do with texture and a little inner caveman thrown in for good measure
    5 - Temp - Comfortable suits me, but I'd rather freezing cold than wet any day, wet is depressing
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    sunset, bring on the night by the fire
    spring,fresh and new
    swinger,likes to chill
    fur, meat meat meat
    cold,need fire
    anything green,beautiful
    real ale,all about prep
    mears for the ears!!!
    fresh and crispy
    comfy and breathable nothing worse than strangulation!
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    1) Sunrise, the best time to hunt and fish.
    2) Summer, it's easier to do stuff.
    3) Tent, so I can snuggle up to my woman.
    4) Fur, I just like the taste.
    5) Cold climate, because it's what I am use to.
    6) Plants, specifically trees. For now.
    7) Hydroponic
    8) To hell with Ray I'm spearing Britney.
    9) Fresh food of course.
    10) Half my cloths come from the salvation army thrift store. So who cares, I don't.

    11) Solo or buddy

    I have a camping buddy (my wife).

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    -Spring (or in Florida, winter is 70 degrees consistently until February)
    -Both, but mostly ground dweller
    -fur because of tanning hides. (I thought that you were talking about about eating literal fur, a feather, or a fin haha)
    -What do you mean by cold? I can live very comfortably at 60 as that is cold for florida, but not 20 and below. If that's the case then I choose the florida summer which is the hottest by far!
    -no comment
    -means, he's pretty smart

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    1, sunrise or sunset (never awake for sunrise, so sunset it is :-) )

    2, spring, summer, autumn, winter, ( Autumn, great colors, sharp air, no bugs )

    3, swinger or ground dweller ( Swinger, will never sleep on the ground again)

    4, to eat, fur, feather or fin ( all of them )

    5, climate hot or cold ( Hot...tired of snow)

    answer the questions on the previous post,

    feel free to add your own questions ( max additional 2 questions per post

    sorry rules updated....
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    What about full tang vs rat tail tang knives? How about bow drill vs hand drill?

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    sunset... time for the fire dinner and relax after a day collecting firewood and making a home from home
    spring... not too hot, not too cold... fresh crisp air
    ground dweller... though admittedly i have never used a hammock, but i camp with the dog and i cant imagine how awkward that would be
    either... food is food
    cold... its easier to get warm when cold than to get cold when warm
    animals... flowers and wood grains are fascinating, but animals are more fun and rare to see
    lager... i find it more refreshing
    ray... his knowledge alone would entertain me
    fresh... but sometimes i prefer the convenience of ready meals
    whatever i got on... generally appropriate for the expected weather
    full tang... i prefer the strength and the look

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    1. Sunrise : I once told an ex girlfriend that I loved sunsets as it meant I was about to spend the night with her, she replied that she loved sunrises as as it meant she got to spend the rest of the day with me. Maybe it sounds romantic or maybe cheesy, but needles to say the difference in thinking is probably what lead to the ex-girlfriend thing. So sunrises as I learned my lesson.

    2. Spring & Autumn equally: Spring as it means the winter is over, Autumn as it means the midges are over.

    3. Ground Dweller: I like to camp well above the tree line, but hammocking is getting me curious.

    4. Fin: I do love it all, but sea food, not specifically finned seafood, is the ultimate for me.

    5. “climate hot or cold” Damn! : I prefer it on the colder side of warm, I suppose I prefer extreme cold to extreme heat, and extreme cold has great excuses to share body heat.

    6. Wildlife: Birds of prey are the most amazing creatures on the planet, for me.

    7. Bitter: or any other beer than lager. Unless it’s Italian, they have some nice lagers on the go.

    8. Brittany: No offence to Ray, but see answer 5.

    9. Fresh: Obviously.

    10. Lightweight, breathable & quick drying. But not bright colours (Unless the sale price is too tempting): Pack small, dry quick and don’t look like a rescue waiting to happen.

    11. Solo: I do like to go in company, especially with my Dad. But going solo you have the option of having “Me time” away from the regular routes, or meeting lots of new people as you journey on the more common routes.

    12. Full Tang: Only if the choice was definitive. For heavy duty general purpose the advantages are big, but for wood carving they are unnecessary.

    13. Hand drill: Again, only if the choice was definitive.

    Added question:

    14. Salt water or fresh water?: Salt water, I love the taste of the sea. (Answer doesn't have to be cuisine related)
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    1. Sunrise, Each new day is a gift

    2. Winter, I love to wake up to Jack Frost's graffiti, light the fire and a hot cup o tea to start the day

    3. Swinger, old back cant take ground dwelling no more.

    4. Whatever is available, but if i had an abundance of all 3 probably fur

    5. Cold, Unfortunately I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, which causes heat intolerance. As much as I love the sun, my body doesnt. Still in shorts and t shirt when its frosty

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