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Thread: Awesome Tree Carving, Cambridge UK

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    That is an awesome carving! Love the detail on that.
    "No, I had to sleep in a hole dug with my bare hands. It was alright, but at some point during the night an Armadillo crawled in and spooned me."

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    I dabble with chainsaw carving and other wood related hand carving and sculpture, and try where possible to use discarded wood.

    Here are a few that are either carved with a chainsaw, or are tree related.

    These two are to scare unsupecting people when walking at night time.

    And this is an example of my 'normal' carving. (there are loads more)

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    I wonder what I would feel if I was hiking at night and found that face on the tree all of a sudden. I'd probably fall back! It's a great find. Any idea who is the author? Best wishes, happy 2013!

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