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Thread: Completely new to wild camping

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    Exclamation Completely new to wild camping

    As I am new to this, I need someone to go with once or twice in order to know how to behave around this grounds.

    I have a small military experience since I am a cypriot but nothing as much as wild camping.

    I was thinking of going to loch lomond and try to camp there and see how it ends.
    I still need to buy few more things though, like waterproof trousers, a compass and first aid kit.

    If anyone is interested to help me or even go out with me, I would appreciate it a lot!

    if not then I will just go and see how it turns out ;D

    Kind Regards,

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    Hello and welcome, I wouldn't go on your own for the first time espically in scotland. Make sure you get used to your kit and maby do a couple of day trips to practice.
    Have fun and be carefull if you do go.


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    Hi Harry and welcome. I would mirror Scotts advice and also add that for a good part of the year (March through to October) a local byelaw prohibits camping around Loch Lomond

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    Hi Harry, Have you looked at the post on this thread from Rough rider " Possible meet" it might be helpful for you.
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    "Always remember, no matter where you go there you are."
    hello HarryLFH,
    "Γεια σου" YIA SOU 'Sheretume'
    Had to ask a mate for this greeting
    Anyway.. as NBC members say maybe better to gain some experience
    in the locality before venturing out to the Wilds of Scotland. i understand
    you have Military Experience this will stand you good stead.
    Have a wee browse through the Visit Scotland website
    you may find some very good locations or I could suggest maybe
    one of the outdoor centres 'Glenmore Lodge' give you a taster of T.G.O
    The Great Outdoors Scotland (costs/charges).
    Hope you do get around to visit Scotland & experience such safely.
    BTW watch out for the!
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    I'd say go for it! Don't stray from the car and you'll be fine. Take a decent sleeping bag and a roll mat. A stove to cook on and plenty of food. I take it you hadn't planned on trekking for miles and miles to some secluded spot? If you are really concerned, take your mobile phone so you can call someone in emergency but what's the worst that can happen? You get a little cold and you have to abandon things and head back to the car?

    Alternatively, you could leave things till the spring when it's warmer but where's the fun and the challenge in that?

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    wow thanks a lot for the replies guys.

    I understand the concern that most people do have but I am not planning to go in the middle of nowhere because I simply can't.(in fact if I could I would) I only have the bus to transport with so I will go with the bus to lomond and from there I will spot a nice looking mountain and try to go to the top. And camp there for the night. The problem is that I dont carry a proper tent but just a tarp so in case there are not trees I will be f***** ;D

    Also I dont have a stove so I will have to make a small fire, ofc I have to be careful when doing it. I will have to use a hand drill. Just kidding.

    If I dont try, I will never do it.

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    Ya right I can see the guy's on ear that are in the MRS with them dog's are going to love you going up the top of a mountain this time of year with no experience and no gear.AtbTo the forum Harry................Dont get eaten by the bears.............TONY.

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    Thanks Tony. Maybe I am a bit exaggerating from the excitement lol
    But yea I do want to find a nice spot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony1948 View Post
    Ya right I can see the guy's on ear that are in the MRS with them dog's are going to love you going up the top of a mountain this time of year with no experience and no gear.
    dont cover Scotland.......busy enough down here anyway

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