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Thread: Solar Cells that Repair Themselves!

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    Wink Solar Cells that Repair Themselves!

    Scienctists are now working on making solar-cells that repair themselves thanks to plant-proteins.

    I have always believed that looking to nature for inspiration & design in even modern science & technology is the way forward.

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    Great find ! Really interesting ... Thanks for sharing

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    Wow, that's some clever stuff.
    I just wish they would stop faffing around with this stuff & get on with inventing dehydrated beer.

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    WOW that is pretty incredible

    I'm a avid reader of chaos theory so if find it brilliant that the laws of nature being recognized and used in a positive manner.

    I especially liked Professor Strano's description of the self organizing entropy "It's like a jigsaw puzzle that you throw into the air and it comes down completely assembled,"

    As for 'free energy' i have always been fascinated by the works of Tesla.

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    Fascinating . Thanks for sharing, Ash .
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