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Thread: Gentlemen, please!

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    I have not been on so much recently, due to other commitments and actually getting outdoors a bit more often, but I have kept an interested eye on various threads.

    I can not say I have noted an increase in 'colourful language' being posted, but if I am being perfectly honest, as I am not bothered by such language, it would have to be very colourful for it to even register; but I have noticed increasing numbers of what I think of as the Mock and Sneer brigade, do seem to have found there ways to this friendly little internet campefire and have taken great pleasure in winding up unsuspecting folks happily warming their hands.

    And this has led the the forum having a more 'shouty' feel at times, which can be a bit off putting.

    But this thread and a couple of others that have popped up in recent days, do seem to be addressing the issue, so fair play and fingers crossed a quick whack with the Ban Hammer will knock some sense into anyone lowering the tone going forward.

    Ansum La

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley Cawley View Post
    Thank you for the kind comments one & all.
    Spot on Adam, well almost, don't PM us but rather use the report tool, this way it notifies all moderators instantly.
    Ah, sorry my friend. Wasn't aware of the functionality of said tool

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    Please read this: Operation "True Spirit"
    Repeated, so that it isn't lost on the last page
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