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Thread: Fjallraven barents trousers

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    Question Fjallraven barents trousers

    I was considering the purchase of a pair of these trousers and thought why not put up a post for any advice from the people on Natural bushcraft in case this would be an unwise purchase by myself. What do you good souls think? Do any of you have a pair and if so what do you think of them good points bad points etc? Is there anything on the market that compares to them and would be a better buy for the money? I can get a pair for about 95 posted.

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    I've got four pairs of Fjallravens, can't fault them although they're a bit expensive these days.

    I've also got a couple of pairs of these Swedteams which are really good value I think, the fabric isn't quite as thick as the Fjallravens but they are good Swedish quality.

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